The connection of individual-typological characteristics with adaptation to the service conditions of Air Force officers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Keywords: adaptation, adaptability, abilities, communicative abilities, neuropsychological stability


Purpose: based on the basis of the analysis of the experience of foreign scientists and the activities of the military units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, to establish the connection of individual and typological features with adaptation to the conditions of service.

Design/Method/Approach: theoretical (analysis, synthesis, generalization, comparison), empirical (survey, observation, testing), methods of mathematical statistics (Kolmogorov-Smirnov criterion, Pearson and Student correlation coefficients), methods of diagnosis.

Findings: researched and established how the individual and typological features of servicemen are related to adaptation to the conditions of service.

Theoretical: the main result of research on the topic of the article is the determination of correlations of individual typological features with adaptation to service conditions.

Paper type: scientific-practical (research).


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Yarmolchyk, M., Semenenko, L., Dobrovolskyi, Y., & Poberezhec, T. (2021). Relationship between personal features and copy strategies in joint force participants. Journal of Scientific Papers «Social Development and Security», 11(4), 140-148. DOI : 10.33445/sds.2021.11.4.12

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Yarmolchyk, M., Oleksandr, V., Semenenko, L., Hrechanyi, M., & Dobrovolskyi, Y. (2022). The connection of individual-typological characteristics with adaptation to the service conditions of Air Force officers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Social Development and Security, 12(4), 85-94.
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