Methodology for estimating the cost of combat losses of a group of troops (forces) in operations (combat actions)

Keywords: losses, cost of application, cost, indicators


Purpose: The purpose of the article is to define a methodical approach to estimating the cost of combat losses of a group of troops (forces) in operations (combat actions).

Design/Method/Approach: the main methods of research are methods of mathematical statistics, methods of analysis and synthesis, methods of military economic theory, methods of military logic.

Findings: with such a formulation of the problem, in order to calculate the coefficients of possible losses, it is necessary to determine the quantitative and cost indicators of the calculation and supply units for various military formations that may be involved in the conduct of hostilities, and also it is necessary to specify the characteristics of the conduct of hostilities that are forecasted. Then the proposed method will allow to quickly, with the highest quality and with the least errors, calculate the amount of resources and their cost to compensate for possible losses during the conduct of hostilities, as well as further determine the ability to compensate them depending on the change in the scenario of conducting hostilities.

Theoretical implications: the main results of research on the topic of the article are: determination of the approach to estimating the cost of losses in operations (combat operations), which will allow to quickly calculate the cost of projected losses with a given accuracy (error no more than 10%) in order to determine in advance the financial reserve for their compensation.

Paper type: descriptive, practical, methodical.


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