Research of historical development prospects and risk-management rendering

  • Anatolii Loishyn National University of Defense of Ukraine named after Ivan Chernyakhovsky
Keywords: risk, risk management, risk management process, system of the risk management


In the 90s of the XX century, risk management, as science and the function of management process, covers all aspects of the organization's activities. The rapid development of risk management manifests itself in the allocation of positions of risk managers, the development of national and international standards, the creation of an international community of risk management. A new approach to risk management is formed, the essence of which is to change the direction of management on a "top to bottom" principle. But the main shift in this issue was the application of the concept of active behavior in risk management and the application of an adaptive approach. All of the above will definitely interest risk management professionals to develop sound risk management policies at all levels of the organization, any form of ownership. In the article, the preconditions for the opening (stages of development) of risk management in the context of the study of the theory of decision making and probability, taking into account the concept of risk management, are systematized. Based on the analyzed sources, three periods of risk management formation are identified. The chronology of the development of national and international risk management standards is explored. A review of existing international and national risk management organizations has been conducted. Based on the analysis of historical events and the prerequisites for the development of risk management as a modern science, the initial data for the formation of domestic approaches to the formation of risk management in Ukraine based on national peculiarities are determined.


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