Possible ways to ensure energy independence of Ukraine by reforming the oil industry

  • Mykola Tkach National University of Defense of Ukraine named after Ivan Chernyakhovsky
Keywords: oil products, oil, national economy, energy security, oil fields


In the time of independence, Ukraine was not able to escape from the energy and transport dependence on Russia, it concerns not only natural gas but also petroleum products, liquefied gas, nuclear fuel and even coal. During the war, this situation is extremely dangerous as it can lead to a "paralysis" of the national economy in the сondition of a complete blockade of supplies of energy products from Russia or from other countries through russion territory, as well as the impossibility of carrying out military operations to defend the territori integrity of Ukraine on the case of a large-scale war.

Since the energy sector of Ukraine is very large and can not be fully considered in the same work, in this article the research of the oil industry of Ukraine, namely: natural reserves of oil, the market of oil and petroleum products, processing and consumption of petroleum products by the national economy has been conducted. This issue is extremely important today because in a wartime, uninterrupted and timely supply of petroleum products is a vital condition for conducting effective military operations and rebuffing aggression on the part of Russia.


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