Civil-military coordination of national resources management in local communities, Indonesia case study

  • Yusnaldi The Republic of Indonesia Defense University
  • Desi Albert Mamahit The Republic of Indonesia Defense University
  • Supartono The Republic of Indonesia Defense University
  • Mhd Halkis The Republic of Indonesia Defense University
Keywords: Coordination, Civil-military, National Resources, Defense, Security


Purpose: This study purpose to describe the civil-military synergy in the management of Indonesia's national resources, a case study in the province of West Sumatra.

Design/Method/Approach: The method used is descriptive with a qualitative approach. Informants were taken using purposive sampling; data was collected through observation, interviews, and collection of documentation.

Findings: The study results found that there are 3 (three) pillars that must be interrelated, namely the government, the people, and the military. The three are woven in a knot to strengthen a country.

Practical implications (if applicable): It is established that good cooperation and coordination between the relevant agencies is needed to mobilize national resources for defense in a certain area.

Paper type: theoretical.



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