Problematic issues of fulfilling the tasks of state border protection in the system of territorial defense

Keywords: territorial defense, protection of the state border, State border guard service


Purpose: to study problematic issues and develop recommendations for the protection of the state border in the territorial defense system.

Design/Method/Approach: the study uses an analytical method to determine the adequate response to various kinds of provocations, working out scenarios with modeling tasks and ways to perform them.


Findings: the problematic issues of the activity of various departments on the implementation of the tasks of state border protection were investigated, on the basis of which proposals for the improvement of legislative acts were formed. To solve the problem of interdepartmental interaction, a general method of its organization has been developed, which will allow to substantiate the content of planning documents.

Theoretical implications: recommendations are given to unite the efforts of units of different departments for state border protection, namely the role and place of units of different departments in the territorial defense system and at the interagency level issues of cooperation in joint tasks.

Originality/Value: the conducted analysis allows to single out some typical features for substantiation of adequate methods of counteraction.

Future research: in the future, in the course of research, it is advisable to develop a methodology for assessing the capabilities of units and elements of the official order to perform the tasks of territorial defense.

Papertype: analytical.


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