Human resource as the basis of economic security of the state

  • Mykola Tkach The National Defense University of Ukraine named after Ivan Cherniakhovskyi
  • Olga Geraskina
Keywords: demographic situation, migration, economic status, fertility, security, JEL classification: G01


The work analyses the demographic and migration situation in Ukraine, predicted the possible consequences for the state as a result of such losses of the human resource as it is today, the dependence of the birth rate on the economic development of the country is shown. It is pointed out the lack of strategic planning in the state, which was supposed to ensure sustainable social and economic development of the state for decades. Migration programs for repatriation, simplification of procedures for obtaining citizenship and obtaining labor visas in such countries as Poland, Hungary, Turkey, Russia are considered. The main directions for combating the demographic crisis and population aging in Japan are given. On the example of China, it is shown that the main constituent of public success, both internal and external, is its population. Conclusions and recommendations are made aimed at preserving and restoring the human resource by the state.


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