Actual problems of creating general logistics system in the Ukraine Defense Forces

Keywords: logistic, material and technical support, material resources, services, support


Purpose: identify the main problems of the logistics as a management governing organ to support the defense system of Ukraine and to suggest ways to solve them.

Design/Method/Approach: the main research methods are methods of statistical analysis, military-economic analysis, expert forecasting methods.

Findings: from the mentioned problematic issues, there is a need to create the state logistics, as a system of logistics flow management and the definition of state standards, a clear conceptual framework for logistics, both state and military (military).

Theoretical implications: in the article, the authors made an attempt and proposed to improve the system of material resources support and services of the Ukraine Defense Forces and create a united logistics system of the state, as management system of material, information and human flows which based on their optimization.

Papertype: descriptive and analytical.


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Author Biography

Ivan Tkach, The National Defence University of Ukraine named after Ivan Cherniakhovskyi

Dr of economical sciences, Professor, Head of the education and research center of defense management


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