Review process

The external reviewer who receives the article fills in the type form (see Form of the reviewer) and chooses one of the variants of recommendations: the article can be published in the Journal without revision; the article can be published in the Journal, but with significant revision; the article cannot be published in the Journal (comment is necessary – reasoned explanation of reasons for such decision). The term of preparation of the recommendations is 3-4 weeks from the moment of receiving the article. The manuscript with comments and recommendations of the reviewer and the completed form of the reviewer is sent using e-mail to the person responsible for the edition. The final decision about the article is made with the consideration of reviews by the editorial board including the chief editor (deputy chief editor). The revised variant of the article is sent for the second review. In the case of a second negative result of reviewing, the article is rejected and is not considered in the future. The Journal does not enter the discussion with the authors of rejected articles. The main reasons for refusal to publish:
-Non-correspondence of the submitted materials to the specialization of the edition;
-Plagiarism and/or self-plagiarism (uniqueness of the text should be 85% and higher);
-Low scientific quality of the article;
-Irrelevance and absence of originality of the study;
-Insufficient base of substantiation of the obtained scientific results, incomplete or illogical conclusions;
-Violation of ethics policy of the edition;
-Incorrect language-stylistic and technical design.