Causes and consequences of local antı-terrorısm measures ın the Karabakh economıc zone of Azerbaıjan

Keywords: Second Karabakh war, local antı-terrorısm (AT) measures, fortifications, Azerbaijan, Armenia


Purpose: is to analyze the causes of asymmetry between criminal ethnic demands and national state interests, the potential of internationalization and effective preventive measures.

Method: In this research work, the author preferred two methods: structural-functional and processual-dynamic. The structural-functional method clarifies the main elements of interaction in conflict conditions and the specific roles of each of them. Components related to the conflict: subject, causes, stages, participants, regulation, etc. of the conflict. constitutes the structure of the conflict. The role of those structural elements is considered their function.

Findings: The fight against dangerous and infectious diseases such as ethnic-separatism is considered to be a very effective way both from the point of view of security and from the point of view of not deepening the crisis of the international legal institution.

Theoretical implications: Ethno-separatism has become the object of big geopolitical games and mercantilist interests of organized criminal groups in the modern world. It is impossible to treat it as an internal problem of the state. The trend of ethnic-separatism becoming a hybridized threat is taking shape.

Practical implications: Practitioners should conclude from this article that dual approaches to the dangerous consequences of ethno-separatism such as secession, dangerous chaotic scenarios in polyethnic regions and military interventions under the rights of national minorities are inadmissible. Ethno-separatism cannot promote the principle of indivisibility of security.

Value: The main innovation in this article is to reveal the association of Armenian ethnic-separatism with destructive and dangerous military-political plans that are against international law. It is justified that the one-day local anti-terrorist measures carried out by Azerbaijan serve to strengthen national sovereignty and international law, to cleanse the region of criminal elements and to ensure the security of international oil and gas projects connecting the South Caucasus with Europe.

Research limitations: One-day local anti-terror measures against Armenian ethnic-separatism within the framework of international laws can be a retrospective scenario or regulation model for long-term unresolved conflicts in poly-ethnic regions.

Paper type: theoretical.


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