Economic assesment of cellular technologies deployment under carrier aggregation techniques for inter radio access technologies

Keywords: Next-generation networks, 5G NR, cellular Networks, economic assessment, carrier aggregation, 5G Standalone/Non-standalone, mmWave


Purpose: The deployment of the fifth-generation (5G) of wireless communications that was launched worldwide in 2020 is entering its final stage in some countries. In this stage carriers apply new techniques that are boosting network performance without heavy investments of the initial build of the infrastructure. This techniques include but are not limited to carrier aggregation, 5G Non-standalone(NSA) and standalone(SA) NR modes, mmWave frequency range and higher bandwidth. Given considerable research in the area about economic and financial validation of the 5G, this work is an extension of a techno-economical assess of the cellular networks under these technologies.

Method: Computer simulations, theroretical derivations.

Findings: Major factors such as spectral efficiency, intercell interference and deployment cost are revisited, and updated to fit realities of the current technological progress. Finally, we use abovementioned theory and present simulation results from the city center of Kyiv city using recently developed pysim5G network simulator.

Paper type: Scientific and practical.


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