Analysis of the 155 mm howitzer М777 operation during its combat use by units of the Armed Force of Ukraine in the Russian-Ukraine war in 2022

Keywords: exploitation, aid, artillery, war, supplies


The use of weapons and military equipment in the course of hostilities, their technical condition and the degree of compliance with modern technology development largely characterize the technical level of development of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The technical condition of weapons and military equipment is characterized by its physical and moral wear and tear.

From the first days of the Russo-Ukrainian war, the units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine received a variety of international technical assistance, which due to its technical condition does not always meet all the requirements of technical operation and readiness for combat use.

However, obsolete, but physically usable weapons and military equipment can be modernized by carrying out structural changes or replacing individual components and parts, that is, its moral wear and tear is eliminated. In this case, the technical and economic indicators of the weapon improve and its service life increases.

But in order to carry out the modernization of one or another model of weapons, it is necessary to carry out its technical supervision and analysis of the technical condition of the sample with the determination of the characteristic causes of their malfunctions at the entrance to all stages of operation.

The article analyzes the operation of 155 mm M777 howitzers, which were supplied to Ukraine as part of international technical assistance during the Russian-Ukrainian war in the period from February 24 to July 1, 2022.

The main problems faced by repair and recovery units and artillery units during the restoration of these systems and their combat use are revealed. The study was conducted to determine the typical problematic issues that arose in the units and led to a decrease in the level of combat effectiveness of the troops in order to prevent and prevent the identified problems in the future.


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