Substantiation of recommendations on ensuring energy security of the state to increase the level of military security and stability of the national economy

Keywords: security, energy, economy, resources


Purpose: to substantiate the recommendations on ensuring the energy security of the state to increase national (military) security.

 Design/Method/Approach: by the method of investment analysis of the components of the energy sector, determination of critical parameters and development of ways to overcome them (leveling).

Practical implications: the proposed recommendations can be used in the development of program documents on the development of the energy sector of the state, identifying ways to combat negative external and internal factors. The proposed recommendations will: improve the situation in the energy sector, in particular as a result of hostilities; reduce the vulnerability of the energy sector to external and internal factors; will be able to make the processes taking place in the energy sector more manageable; to increase the general level of national and military security of the state, in the part that depends on energy security; to develop recommendations to the state leadership on early response to threats in the energy sector.

 Papertype: theoretical.


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