Hybrid warfare is a modern strategy of confrontation

Keywords: hybrid war, state, national security, armed conflict, strategic actions


The article considers scientific publications on the experience of confronting hybrid threats to the world. On the basis of these materials the purposes, the maintenance of hybrid war is defined and its definition is formulated.

The emergence and development of new strategic factors gave rise to the concept of hybrid warfare as a strategy of confrontation between states, which cannot be purely attributed to either war or peace. The term “hybrid war” was first introduced in US and British military documents at the beginning of the 21st century.

In today's wars and armed conflicts, both in Ukraine and in other regions of the world, the dominant important features and characteristics of the wars of the future are manifested. They are increasingly becoming a hybrid (“combined”) nature. At present, the experience of anti-terrorist operation and environmental protection shows that we are facing a hybrid war, which we cannot end with traditional methods.


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