The method of the optimization of material flows for functioning of the recovery system

Keywords: recovery, provision, weapons and military equipment, logistical means, material flows, the automated system


To solve the problem of timely provision of military formations (units) with the logistical means (LM), the method of optimization of material flows is proposed in the work. To implement this method, the system of the material flows management, storage and transportation of the logistical means is divided into strategic, operational and tactical levels of the hierarchy, whereby the highest management body has access to the entire management system and database and the lower one only within its responsibility. At each level of the hierarchy, an automated control system is created, which includes subsystems with normative data (set standards of storage of the logistical means, norms of variability of the corresponding nomenclature of spare parts, norms of the working time of samples of weapons and military equipment (WME) to the appropriate type of maintenance and repair, etc.). In the next stage, the accounting of records of the WME samples and the actual availability of the logistical means, which have arrived to the logistics centers of the strategic level, the distribution centers of the operational level and the warehouses of the military formations (units) is entered to the automated control system.

During the exploitation of WME samples, the information of the actual consumption of their resource is provided to the automated real-time management system. After that, the automated system compares the actual consumption of the resource of the WME samples with the established standards, which are laid down in the technical documentation and orders, regulations, directives, etc. by the Ministry of Defense and the General Staff. When the time is coming to dispatch the WME sample to the appropriate type of maintenance or repair, the automated system having the logistical means account at all levels of the hierarchy determines at which storage the logistical means data is located and paves the optimal route for their transportation to units or to the warehouses of the lower level of hierarchy.

Thus, the use of this method allows to determine the unit in which the appropriate sample of the WME will require maintenance or repair, to determine the necessary nomenclature of logistical means, to provide this unit in advance with the necessary logistical means, which will reduce the time and cost of resources to provide the logistical means to the military formations (units).


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Author Biography

Vоlodymyr Dachkovskyi, The National Defence University of Ukraine named after Ivan Cherniakhovskyi

Candidate of technical sciences, associate professor of the department of technical support


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