Dilemmas related to the functioning and growth of Darknet and the Onion Router network

Keywords: TORnetwork, Darknet, cybersecurity, privacy, cyberspace, Bitcoin


It is inevitable that the rules for using various sources of information in cyberspace keep changing. We are still searching for the best possible form. A form that would, on the one hand, provide us with reliable material, and on the other hand guarantee utmost security and ensure that our interests or any exchange of correspondence or opinion will not be seized by unauthorised individuals or even used against us. In order to meet such needs and expectations, Darknet has been created, in particular TOR network (The Onion Router). The starting point for this paper was the history and principles of TOR, as well as the issue of anonymity and payments with cryptocurrencies. In the further part of the article there is a discussion on the positive and negative opportunities that TOR offers. The paper ends with an indication of possible directions for further work and elaboration.


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Author Biography

Anna Nastuła, Wojskowa Akademia Techniczna

Doctoral on the Faculty of Security Studies, Warsaw, Poland, Master degree (in law)


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