The improved method of determining the effectiveness of functioning the tactical aviation in radio lighting support system during operations

Keywords: radio lighting support, radio lighting support system, system efficiency, tactical aviation


The article highlights the main provisions of the improved method for assessing the effectiveness of the functioning of the system and radio lighting support of tactical aviation in operations, which allows you to assess the effectiveness of its functioning, taking into account the capabilities of the technical support system for the restoration of radar, radio navigation aids and lighting equipment, the capabilities of aviation units that carry out flight checks of radio navigation aids of the radio lighting system of tactical aviation base aerodromes and the meteorological minimum that it can provide with the composition of the means available, taking into account the conditions under which it is possible to control tactical aviation aircraft in the aerodrome area. In the improved method, the main indicators of the efficiency of the functioning of the radio-lighting technical support system of tactical aviation are applied, the use of which makes it possible to assess its effectiveness according to the correspondence of the numerical value of the level of provision with serviceable standard radar landing systems, instrumental landing systems and lighting equipment to the required value. Moreover, the states in which the radio lighting systems of the tactical aviation base airfields will be located characterize the specific value of the meteorological minimum of the base aerodrome in the operation with which the system is able to ensure the landing of the tactical aviation aircraft with a certain composition of means.


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Author Biography

Andrii Davydov, The National Defence University of Ukraine named after Ivan Cherniakhovskyi

PhD student


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